Taso Comanescu, Classical Guitarist

 “Taso Comanescu is an exciting, young guitarist. His enthusiasm for the music and talent for performing shows in the way his audiences have received him. I wish him all the best in his career”

                                                              Christopher Parkening, America’s preeminent guitar virtuoso


Elite Guitarist Taso ComanescuAmerican guitarist Taso Comanescu has recently emerged on the classical music scene as a colorful performer full of subtle nuance and strong musicianship. His interesting programs present a variety of repertoire highlighted by a deep commitment to engage his audiences in a meaningful way. Comanescu’s debut recording “Epitaphios” (2011) features music from all over the world including a world premier recording by the young American composer Kyle Peter Rotolo (Le Crane A La Cigarette Qui Fume).


More recently he released his follow up recording entitled “Renaissance | Baroque” (2015) featuring popular and lesser known transcriptions of works originally for lute, vihuela, theorbo and baroque guitar. The recording was described as “infused with a sense of artistry that is rarely found nowadays”. (Tavi Jinariu, guitar virtuoso)

Taso has been a member of the music faulty at Pepperdine University since 2011. Mr. Comanescu received his degrees from Pepperdine University studying with Christopher Parkening and the University of Southern California under Scott Tennant.  Taso plays on a 1973 Jose Ramirez guitar.

Teaching Philosophy

Teaching guitar, or anything for that matter, is an art that requires cultivation, patience and time to develop. I have been privileged to teach guitar privately for over 10 years and at Pepperdine University for the past 6 years. It has grown into a essential part of my life as a professional musician and an endless well from which I draw inspiration and encouragement. I have learned a great deal from my own teachers over the years and perhaps even more from my students.

Elite Guitarist Taso Comanescu LessonsMy philosophy at it’s core is about helping a student achieve their own personal goals on the instrument. Not everyone is called to be a concert guitarist, be it classical or contemporary, and not everyone has the same amount of time to practice. I have learned that it is vitally important to establish goals on a semi consistent basis so that students have clear reasons to practice and also track their progress. Consistency is key. The rewards will come.

I would also stress that the teacher-student dynamic is a two way street. Teachers should adapt their style to fit the individual student. In essence, one can’t teach every student the same exact way and expect uniform results. Students also need to be receptive to their teacher and be willing to try out their ideas. If a student resists, then what is the point? Ultimately learning can happen on so many levels and the guitar has much to offer to anyone who is patient enough to try.

I’m excited to be a part of EliteGuitarist and look forward to learning with all of you!