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Ines Thome EliteGuitarist Classical Guitar Lessons

German-born guitarist Ines Thomé is a multifac
eted musician who performs internationally as a solo and chamber musician. A multi-instrumentalist in many different styles, Ines plays electric guitar, lute, theorbo, baroque guitar, banjo, and mandolin. Since a young age Ines won first prizes as a solo and chamber musician in national competitions. Later she received awards from numerous international competitions in Germany, Italy, and the USA, including First Prizes at the International Guitar Competition in Walnut Creek, and the Guitar competition of the American Guitar Society in 2015. Her passion for Early Music was honored with a special prize for the best interpretation of a work by Johann Sebastian Bach at the International Guitar Competition in Erwitte.

Ines studied classical guitar in Frankfurt and Stuttgart and completed her Master’s degree summa cum laude at Stuttgart State University of Music and Performing Arts where she studied with Professor Johannes Monno. In August 2013 she began post-graduate work at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles and is continuing as a doctoral student and teaching assistant in the studio of Prof. William Kanengiser (LAGQ) since August 2014. In Fall 2017 Ines will start teaching classical guitar at Riverside City College.

Teaching Philosophy

My passion for teaching comes from my passion for music: the aesthetic and emotional values inherent in music still motivate my own learning. Sharing this passion –with my students as a teacher, and with my colleagues and audiences as an active musician –makes music become real and meaningful.  I want to help my students to discover what they are passionate about and improve their skills to reach the goal they have. As an active musician, I like to be engaged in the various processes of music making. As a teacher, I want my students to be engaged in those processes through performing, listening, composing, and analysis. Focusing on the “whole person” and educating my students through different musics is my goal as a teacher.

Creating a safe environment for my students is very important to me. I believe that creativity and critical thought can only be developed when the classroom is a safe space where students are allowed (and encouraged) to make mistakes and learn through them. As an example for student-based education, I encourage my students to bring pieces or songs into their class or lesson which they are interested in. From my own learning experience, I know how important the initial excitement for music is for our motivation to learn. In addition, it makes the students accountable for their own progress.

Playing the guitar requires the training of difficult skills. To express freely and musically, we need to master our craft so that technical issues don’t get in our way. In this way, physical health is as important as mental health. Playing the appropriate music which is challenging but still realistic to accomplish is crucial. I see myself as a consultant who helps my students reach their goals. This includes helping my students set a goal and finding the best path to achieve it.

Teaching Experience

  • University of Southern California, Thornton School of Music, Classical Guitar Department – Teaching Assistant
  • Elemental Music, Santa Monica – Instructor
  • Musikschule Frankfurt, Germany
  • Musikschule Unteres Remstal, Germany
  • Musikschule Bad Nauheim, Germany
  • Private teaching studio: since 2003
  • since 2017