2018 EliteGuitarist Year In Review

This is why we play the guitar! Check out the video below and why the guitar is a magical instrument to us.

Screen Shot 2018-11-22 at 12.20.28 PM



New Classical Track Website & Tutorials

In 2018 we released 25 tutorials of some of the most beloved pieces in the classical guitar repertoire.
As our library of resources continues to grow, we have updated our website to include expanded search capabilities.
At your request, we implemented PayPal as a subscription payment option.
You can now insert your comments on the page of the video tutorials and enjoy the input of other guitarists. This is a new function that we have implemented in our website and we think it will help connect various subscribing students in more tangible ways.

New Website Layout


Tutorial Library

New Comprehensive Jazz Guitar Track

Check out the comprehensive jazz guitar track taught by Larry Koonse, twice Grammy-nominated artist. This site deals comprehensively with all vital jazz concepts, music theory and contains insightful note for note repertoire tutorials suitable for all type of guitarists, including classical players.

Jazz EliteGuitarist

Jazz Guitar Track

EliteGuitarist Jazz

Jazz Guitar Tutorials

EliteGuitarist Instructors

We want to extend a word of thanks to our wonderful instructors for their generosity in teaching, for their commitment to excellence and dedication to the promotion of music in general and the guitar in particular. Check out these videos in which each instructor talks about their beginnings with the instrument. These are the elements that make the guitar a magical instrument, in our opinions.

Tavi Jinariu

Tavi Jinariu Classical Guitarist EliteGuitarist

Check out Tavi’s performance of Natalia (Valse Venezolano No. 3) by Antonio Lauro.

Taso Comanescu

Taso Comanescu EliteGuitarist Online Classical Guitar Lessons

Check out Taso’s performance of Serenata Espanola by Joaquin Malats.

Kevin Enstrom

Kevin Enstrom EliteGuitarist Online Classical Guitar lessons

Check out some additional performances by Kevin Enstrom. Allegro by J.S. Bach & The Girl with the Flaxen Hair by Claude Debussy

Larry Koonse

Larry Koonse EliteGuitarist Online Jazz Guitar Lessons

Check out this performance by Larry Koonse

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