Guitar Nails: Shape, Repair, Tone

Guitar Nails: a riddle wrapped in an enigma. One size does not fit all but here is Tavi Jinariu’s approach to filing and repairing nails for optimum tonal quality.

Screen Shot 2018-09-08 at 6.44.59 AM

Many of you have been requesting a tutorial on how to properly file your nails and achieve great tone. Playing with great tone is a combination of careful nail filing/polishing and plucking technique.

These may be the strangest videos you have seen on to date. If you can deal with the weirdness of watching a dude file his nails for 10 minutes straight, you will likely derive some benefit from these general nail-filing principles. In the end, if we cannot make it in this world as concert guitarists, surely we stand a chance to open some of the best nail salons in town.


Screen Shot 2018-09-08 at 6.50.53 AM

The second aspect to achieving great tone, beyond your nails shape and polish, is your plucking technique. Check out these two videos on tone production for proper plucking technique and general tone production principles.

Keep up the good work everyone! We have several tutorials in the editing stages and I am excited to release those in the coming couple of weeks (Tango En Skai, Valse 3 by Barrios, Farewell by John Doan, Carcassi Etude)


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